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Welcome to Xaviers's School for Gifted Youngsters. Though we've started small. We hope to grow over time and eventually become widely known and accepted amongst society. Here we hope you'll find any mutant resources you'll need and if you feel the need to get in touch with us for questions or comments, please fell free to e-mail us at
  • NEW AND URGENT: A teaser for X2 is OUT at Official X-Men Movie page. Unfortunately the teaser was only avaliable for a short time. However XSGY should be posting it within the next few weeks of September.

  • New: Updates on Wolverine's Revenge appearing in the Aug. issue of Wizard magazine.

  • The poster for the Daredevil movie, (premiering Presidents Day 2003) has been created, however it is still open to changes. Take a Look at it at Superhero Hype

  • The very frist look at costume design for Nightcrawler can now be found at Comics Continuum

  • X-Men 2 update: Sabertooth and Toad dropped from sequels more here...
  • X-Men sequal update: despite roumors saying Mr. Cumming was already finsihed his work on X-Men 2 sources say he doesn't even being til August (catch the details at Corona)

  • Answers to roumors about Nightcrawler's facial scars at Superhero Hype

    Quote Of The Month

    -Soup, that eats like a meal?!? PREPOSTEROUS! -Batman, Wizard Magazine, September 2002, pg 157

    About Stealing

    What ever you see on this site, I really don't care if you steal it, for whatever purpose. It makes little difference to me. Even if you take the fan art, (which is probably only my lame drawings to begin with) I really don't mind. Just so long as you know that if you tell a friend you drew it, you suck.
  • Newly released art in the fan art section by Gill.

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