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The Team

Prof. X, mentour/leader of the X-Men, founder of Charles Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters and perhpas the greatest serviceman for peaceful co-existance between human and mutantkind. Paralized from the waist down he is confined to a wheelchair but don't let this blind you of his power.
Powers: Charles Xavier, the most powerful telepath on earth. His powers must be held in the utmost regard, for he can bend a single thought into anything he wishes you to think or do.

Dr. Jean Grey, also a close protege to Xavier, is married to Cyclops. Often working with the team as a medic, Jean is the support and empathetic one in the group of X-Men and shares a common bond with Xavier because of their similar gifts of the mind.
Powers: Jean is telekonetic, meaning she can move objects with her mind or thoughts. She is also capable of some telepathy however this is not near as strong nor dominant as that of the Professor.

Scott Sommers is the feild leader of the X-Men and possibly Prof. X's closest follower, as Xavier raised him like a son, after Scott lost his family in a aircraft accidnet. Scott is rather a stickler for rules and structure he does everything by the book.
Powers: Scott sees only in red, as he is forced to wear either his ruby quartz glasses or visor to control his mutant powers. For, uncovered by the ruby quatrz, Scott's eyes give off a beam of infared concussive energy strong enough to "punch a hole in a moutain."

Logan a the sociopathic Canuck, once torturously experimented on by military Officials, joined the group by the appeal of Xavier's belifes, offering him a more peaceful life. His presence and friendship, though always vauled by the others, he is closely watched as he is offen unpredictable and even dangerous to those close to him.
PowersLogan is gifed with the ability to heal rapidly, as well as the keen senses of an animal and retractable claws in forearms.

Henry McCoy, the brillant scientist once reviered by his colleagues now shunned for his mutant attributes, is the logical, problem solver for the X-Men team. After being mortally wounded in a battle with the brother hood the only way to save hi was through an procedure that was not fully developed. This reacted with his body and gave him much fo the physcial appearance he has today.
Powers: Beast has aquired great agility and strength through his mutation, making him much more animal than man when we see him only for his physcial appearence.

Kurt Wagner born and raised in Germany spent the better half of his life hiding in a monastary, after being labeled deviant, by the poeple of a local town. Growing up Kurt was educated only through the teachings of the occassional friendly monk.
Powers: Kurt is gifted with the ability to teleport himself and even others (to a degree) short distances. Also having been given his unusual body type (of three fingers, three toes, a long prehensile tail) he is extremely flexabile and very acrobatic

Ororo Munroe grew up in Cairo but immigrated to the U.S.A. after being abandoned by her family. In the States she lived a reckless life of thievery until her ideals where swayed by Xavier and Jean.
PowersOroro has the magnificant capability of controlling the weather as she sees fit.

Remy Le Beau grew up on the streets of New Orleans working as a street performer of card tricks for money and always being slick with the ladies.Also having wokred for the Guild Of Theives for many years, Remy never knew his parents, becuase of this and his powers, he is suspected to be another son of Corsair, making him the thrid Sommers brother.
PowersRemy's energy based powers allow him to conduct an electric like charge on any object he wishes turning them into explosive devices. weapon.

Rogue lived a regular life in a small Mississippi, until she discovered her powers accidentily and ran from home.
PowersRogue posses the unique ability to take the life energy from other livingcreatures. When this act is performed on normal life forms they will no doubt die. However whent his same power is unleashed on other mutants, not only can she drain their life energy til their death but she will also be able to absorb this mutants ability for a short time.

Bobby Drake also grew up a seemlingly normal life until in his early teens when his mutant gene was no longer dormant. His parents worried about their sons condition contacted Charles Xavier and Bobby has lived and grown up in the school even since.
PowersBobby posses the ability to completely freeze himself as well as people and objects around him, in ice, by forming it in his hands.

Warren Worthington businessman and X-Man. Once called only Angel he had natural white wings, until being captured by Apocolypse and given Mechanical wings instead and his natural human pygment was also altered into a solid shade of blue.
PowersBecause of his magnificant wings he has the natural ability of flight.

Peter Rasputin gre up in Russia and his familiy was tied to the Russian Mafia because of a debt. Peter spend his numerous years working for the Mafia, Often having his mutant abilities taken advantage of when he was frequently put directly in the line of fire.
PowersPeter's mutant ability is that he can turn his skin into a bio-mechanical substance that borders on indestructable. Along with this and Peter's abnormally large size, he posses an uncanny physcial strength.